To owners

Would you like to sell or rent a house? This is how we work along with the owners.

These are the main actions and services that we offer to sell or rent your property in an agile, efficient and safe way; at the best price and in the shortest possible time. We accompany you from the beginning to the end, getting involved to the maximum.

  • Advice to the owner: We are knowledgeable about the area and the market, this allows us to guide you when the price, legal documentation, conditions of sale and choice of the ideal profile of buyer / tenant of your property.
  • Management of habitability certificate and energy efficiency certificate.
  • Property preparation: (Home Staging): We are specialists in improving the image of your home. Home Staging is a set of techniques that enhance a home by making it more functional and attractive to potential buyers / tenants. It is about creating a depersonalized, orderly, clean and harmonized environment. To do it, first we accompany you trying to do it yourself (cost 0 euros). And, if you think that your home needs the intervention of professionals, we have a team of first-rate and local professionals with whom, if you want, we can do it (architecture projects, decorations, painting, plumbing, carpentry, cleaning , ...)
  • Quality photographic report: It is vital to offer a good image of your property in order to attract the maximum number of potential buyers / tenants.
  • 360 virtual visit. We are the only real estate agency in the area that makes a virtual visit to your home, we have the latest technology that will allow your potential buyers to visit your home from their computer as if they were inside it, which It will make your home much more likely to have a buyer really interested in the purchase and to minimize visits “to see it”.
  • Marketing plan designed for each property; there is a buyer for each property, and it is key to focus the descriptions and publications to the most appropriate audience.
  • Maximum visibility: We make publications in the main real estate research portals, our own website and social networks, so that whoever looks for your property, finds it easily and with informative quality and ease of contact.
  • Visits management: to the property and the surroundings; number of requests for your property, customer follow-up.
  • Generation of reports that we send to the property on a regular basis, with the collection of visits as virtual as physical, statistics, objections, etc ... Data that are basic to observe the evolution and the result of the positioning of your property in the market of area.
  • Management of documentation, taxes, supplies, procedures with the administration, etc ...
  • Monitoring of the entire operation from the beginning to the completion of all the details.
  • Comprehensive rental management, we offer the possibility that you delegate to us the management of everything that has to do with your rent, collections, repairs, complaints, requests, ... It will also give you peace of mind so that you only worry about charging monthly month.