Sale or lloguer, in full the province of Barcelona. Lofts, studios, houses, espais in short per a viure ...

What do I offer you?

Buying, selling or renting a property can be complicated and stressful, I know, and that is why my mission and that of my team is to work to make this process as easy and comfortable for you, accompanying you from start to finish. The fundamental values ​​on which my work philosophy revolves are: personal treatment, quality of service and new technologies.

At Tess Cantal, professionalism is linked to an exclusive and honest personal treatment with owners and buyers / tenants. Understanding what the needs of each one are to reach a meeting point that satisfies both parties is always my goal.

The quality of service that you will find at Tess Cantal is directly proportional to the affection and dedication that I offer to each purchase / sale and / or rental operation. Each property, each person, has a story behind that each operation deserves a special and personalized treatment.

The use of new technologies is a fundamental part of Tess Cantal's work system. Get the best out of your property with videos, quality edited photos, update conditions of properties positioned on real estate networks and portals immediately, have direct and instant communication from your mobile via WhatsApp, or enable virtual visits in 360 degrees without moving your home or office, they are tools that help me to offer an exclusive, quality and differentiated service.

Would you like to sell or rent a house? This is how we work along with the owners.
This is the way we work along with buyers / renters.