Who is Tess Cantal

I am Teresa Cantal Verjuan, founder of Tess Cantal Inmobiliaria, I have almost 20 years of experience in the real estate sector. My mother Montserrat Verjuan Magem founded, almost 40 years ago, Finques Breda in the town of Breda, a real estate agency that is currently the leading real estate agency in the area, where my little sister named Anna Cantal also works. On the other hand, she was guilty of the name "Tess", since as a child she still didn't know how to pronounce "Teresa", she would tell me "Tess".

After finishing my higher studies, I fully dedicated myself to continue with the API saga (Real Estate Agents), and from the hand of my mother Montserrat, I learned everything I needed to manage an agency with honesty, professionalism, rigor and efficiency real estate.

But I wanted to go further; Times change, new technologies force us to work in a different way, it was necessary that the new office that was inaugurated in Sant Celoni, had the image, design and the most cutting-edge computer resources to offer a current, efficient and modern service, which is that the new times demand and our clients deserve. In Tess Cantal's office, if you are looking for a property, you don't need to be crowded in front of a computer monitor that regularly rotates to show you the properties; You will do it to Tess Cantal, comfortably seated at a large table, having a coffee, soft drink, infusion, ... and looking at the properties on a large screen, or doing a virtual visit in 360 degrees, in a private office, because discretion , is an essential brand of my real estate.

My reference, without a doubt, is my mother Montserrat, who in her day was an enterprising woman, with the difficulties that she represented 40 years ago; she innovated and made Finques Breda grow exponentially. I carry her genes, and I also start this new innovative project with the same goals and the same philosophy, maintaining its values.

I was born and raised in a country house, I love walking in the country with my daughter and my husband, it fills me with energy and makes me see the positive side of things, positivity that I like to transmit to my team and my clients.