Who we are

Tess Cantal we are a modern real estate agency, with a young team, who fully believe that what we offer, which is exactly what we want for ourselves, because we think that our clients deserve only those properties that are worthwhile, which are the only ones in the that we ourselves would also live, the rest we simply do not want. We think that this work philosophy can be called honesty.

Another vital point in Tess Cantal's work philosophy is professionalism. Our Sant Celoni office is new, but all the members of our team have extensive experience in the real estate sector, we are young people who have "sucked" what it means to be a real estate agent, but who have grown up in a time where things must be done, we believe that, otherwise, using new technologies to offer a current and cutting-edge service, but always prioritizing the offer of a totally personalized treatment, always putting your site on your site, to understand what is you need exactly and thus be able to work rigorously, seeking excellence. Each client and each property is unique and special, that is why each one deserves a special and personalized treatment.

Teresa Cantal Verjuan is the founder and manager of Tess Cantal, she is the second generation of API and when she thought about the name of the new real estate, she decided that it was her own name that she had to carry the new real estate; her experience and self-assurance makes her believe that you always have to be personally at the forefront, because the person comes first, and then the business.

The goal of Tess Cantal Real Estate is to work, work and work, always with enthusiasm. To Tess Cantal "We have the key to your future."